Credit/Debit Card Readers at Self-Checkout Terminals

FAQ’s Frequently Asked Questions

How did you discover the tampering in card readers?
Save Mart/Lucky’s standard operating practice is to inspect the credit/debit card readers regularly. It was during this regular review that we discovered a credit/debit card reader on a self-checkout lane looked suspicious. We immediately sent the card reader into the manufacturer for inspection and they verified the device had been tampered with. While waiting for this manufacturer review, we immediately began aggressive checks of the card readers in all 234 stores especially those in our self-checkout terminals.

How did you respond? What did you do to protect your customers?
Once our chainwide review of all credit/debit card readers was completed and we knew the extent of the tampering, Save Mart’s Asset Protection Department began working with law enforcement authorities. An investigation is underway and we are working closely with authorities to uncover the person/persons responsible for this incident. We promptly replaced all the credit/debit card readers in the 20 affected stores selfcheckout terminals and enhanced the security of the remaining credit/debit card readers.

In addition, we immediately posted Consumer Notices in all affected stores and on our websites as well as issued a press release to all media outlets.

Do you know if customer account information was compromised or misused?
Save Mart/Lucky's has worked diligently in its efforts to resolve this incident and identify any and all potential security breaches into customer information. At this time we have not verified any customers who have had compromised account information including pin numbers, nor have we identified any information that would lead us to believe there was abuse of their personal account information. Save Mart/Lucky's is committed to its customers and their privacy and will continue aggressively investigating in partnership with law enforcement until this incident is resolved.

What do you know so far? What has the investigation revealed?
We have not received any information regarding the investigative process that can be shared as it could compromise our efforts to prosecute the responsible person/persons.

How widespread is this issue?
The tampering was confined to the self-checkout terminals ONLY and was found to have occurred in 20 store locations – 19 Lucky and 1 Save Mart.

How do I know if my credit or debit card information was stolen?
Only by verifying and monitoring your credit/debit card accounts with your financial institution can you know if your information has been compromised.

To assist you, we have contacted our business partners, such as credit and debit processors, so that any potential or future discovery of customer account information being compromised can be identified in a timely manner.

What should I do if I used the self-checkout in the affected stores?
Save Mart/Lucky recommends that our customers who used credit/debit cards in the self-checkout lanes of the affected stores carefully monitor their bank or credit card statements relating to such cards and that they contact the applicable bank or credit card issuer immediately in the event of any fraudulent transactions.

We also strongly suggest contacting each of the three credit reporting bureaus and request they place a 90-day fraud alert on your accounts.
EXPERIAN: 1-888-397-3742 or
EQUIFAX: 1-800-525-6285 or
TRANS UNION: 1-800-680-7289 or

Will you pay for credit monitoring?
If you are affected by fraudulent use of your credit or debit accounts, we will assist you, and work with your bank as well, on appropriate protection measures. Please contact our Customer Support Center toll-free at 800-692-5710 for assistance.

Is it safe to continue to use my debit and/or credit card in your stores?
Yes, the affected credit/debit readers were replaced immediately and we were able to enhance security on the remaining credit/debit card readers. We believe these steps will protect the security of our payment network and the privacy of our customers using credit and debit cards going forward.

Were your own employees involved?
At this point, we have no reason to believe that our employees were involved. Who can I contact at Save Mart to discuss this matter? We sincerely regret this incident and apologize to you for any inconvenience or concern this may cause you. Please feel free to contact us toll-free at 1-800-692-5710 (M-F 8 AM to 4:30PM).

If you have further questions, you may also contact the California Office of Privacy Protection at

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