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Wake up to Breakfast with California Avocados

06/04/2013, By: Save Mart

Why is it that mornings can feel like the most hurried time of the day? You rush out the door to work or to get the kids to school on time, so breakfast goes by the wayside or becomes a less-than-nutritious fast food grab. Here's a five minute breakfast idea to help bring some nutrition and satisfying "yum" back to breakfast. 


California Avocado Toast


Click here for the recipe. 

The idea is simple: instead of topping toast or other breakfast breads with a saturated fat-laden spread, top toasted sourdough or whole grain bread with creamy avocado and a dash of salt. The avocado provides good fats plus nearly 20 vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, and is sodium and cholesterol free. And it tastes so good! More avocado nutrition facts

The California Avocado Commission suggests three ways to top the avocado toast: add sliced tomatoes (Houweling variety is in good supply right now - look for the ones that are red in color and heavy for their size); top with a couple of slices of bacon, or with either a poached or fried egg. You can also slice a boiled egg the night before to have ready to pop on top of the avocado.

Avocado makes a great breakfast ingredient in many breakfast dishes. Another fast idea is a Power Breakfast Parfait, which layers crunchy granola, Greek yogurt, mashed avocado and fresh blueberries - now that's a great start for the day!

On mornings when there is a little more time, we like to add California avocados to egg dishes like scrambled eggs, machaca, and omelettes. California avocados are in season now, with ample supply through the fall, and since they are grown right here in the golden state they come to us fresh from the groves with a nutty, buttery taste and wonderful creamy texture. Breakfast just got a lot better!

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